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Honoring the men of the 5307th

More famously known as Merril's Marauders, the 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional) took the fight to the Japanese Imperial Army in World War II's China-Burma-India Theater (CBI). Code named Gallahad, the unit was formed in August 1943 to pursue Japanese forces on the Indian subcontinent. It specialized in jungle warfare, long-range infiltration, direct action raids, and reconnaissance. The Marauders covered record-breaking distances on foot to close with and destroy enemy forces lodged deep in Burma's mountainous jungles from February to August 1944.

The unit consolidated into the 475th Infantry on August 10th, 1944. There, it continued combat operations in Northern Burma as part of the MARS Task Force until early 1945. In 1954 it was redesignated the 75th Infantry, eventually evolving into the 75th Ranger Regiment of today. The legacy of the Marauders is one of absolute dedication and courage against all odds. This site is dedicated to their memory.